Railway and Urban Railway (Metro) Field

HISTACO as a big contractor (EPC) in Telecommunication, Signaling and Control in railway projects, has established a R&D department from 2011 to do researches, feasibility study, design, implementation and manufacturing of some sub systems of signaling system.
At the moment, Histaco frequency Track Circuit and Electronic Interlocking systems manufactured by HIstaco are technically verified by RAI and also are under operation in various metro and railway lines. 

HISTACO Interlocking System has the capability of management and performing all defined operations and activities in the Railway of Islamic Republic of Iran. This system consists of software and hardware components that in addition to cover safety requirements, availability, maintainability and reliability (RAMS), has the characteristics such as fast responding and also ease of using and application.
The main responsibilities of this system are:
- Controlling safe movement of trains and rolling stock in a station.
- Controlling dispatching and acceptance of trains from adjacent railway areas.
- Emergency circumstances control in a station.
- Permanent monitoring of status and performances for station signaling equipment
- Recording the important events of a station and the possibility of playing them.
HISTACO Frequency Track Circuit System, SFTC, has the integrated capability to detect if railways, subways and other light rail transit lines are occupied or free. Tracks separation in this kind of track circuit is performed by electrical separators.
This system performance is such that at the beginning of a line, rail is fed by an AC voltage (in the range of audio frequency that results in reduction of noise impact) that receives from track circuit transmitter unit and at the end of it, receiver unit of track circuit receives and examines this voltage. Considering the range (signal level), frequency and modulated code of the received voltage, one of the busy or occupied statuses is announced to interlocking system. The distance of transmitter and receiver cards (that are installed in the interlocking building site) from track (rail) can be up to 6.5 Km (for receiver card is up to 7.2 Km).
SFTC frequency track circuit has been designed, developed and used in two types of SFTC4 and SFTC8. SFTC8 frequency track circuit is used for rails with maximum length of 950 m and SFTC4 for rails with maximum length of 1500 m. SFTC frequency track circuit is produced and used in the following types: one receiver, two receivers and three receivers that two receivers track circuit is used for long tracks and three receivers type is used to cover point machine area. ipment consists of track circuit sub-rack, power supply sub-rack and resistor module. Tuning units and impedance bond are considered as wayside parts of this system.
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