Isfahan Metro Line 1 - Depot & Parking

Isfahan Metro Line 1 - Depot & Parking

Railway System, Depot Site: One of the most important parts of every Urban Railway System is Depot where the operator performs maintenance activity for the trains and bogies. It is necessary to provide adapted tools and infrastructures for the maintenance and necessary facilities required to maintain include rolling stock, in a time and cost efficient manner. For this purpose, the following functions are required: • Trains stabling • Trains cleaning (interior and exterior) • Trains maintenance • Fixed installations maintenance • Electric power providing • Road vehicle circulation and pathways • Car park Kaveh Depot of Esfahan Urban Railway Organization: This project is done for Line 1 of Esfahan Metro located on Kaveh Street which includes heavy workshop, light workshop, following parts and departments:  Bogie Maintenance Part includes Bogie Drop Trolley, Bogie Turn Table, Bogie Disassemble/Assemble Press, Bogie Test Stand, Bogie Manipulator, Bogie Washing Machine, …  Wheel and Axle Maintenance Part includes Wheel Fitting and Removal Press, Wheel Lathe, Axle Lathe, Journal Box Workshop, …  Test Stands include Traction Motor Test Bench, Universal & Compressor Test Benches, Gearbox Test Bench, Spring Test Bench, Rotor Balancing Machine, …  Lifting Equipment include Synchronized Lifting Jacks, Overhead Travelling Crane, Jib Crane,


23 January 2015


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