Histaco as one of Iranian main Electronic Industries is 100% privately owned which is active with the following purposes;

  • Creation and development of science and technology in Telecom and Electro Optic.
  • Installation, Commissioning, Procurement, Sales and Export of produced goods.
  • Engineering & Technical, Research & Training, and Investment services sales.
  • Every kind of economic, technical and commercial activity inside and outside of Iran.
  • Establishment of companies related to the aforesaid fields, industrial development either state or private.

HISTACO has acquired first grade contractor certificate in Telecom field, third grade certificate in Facilities and equipment, and fifth grade certificate in Mine Industry from Department of Planning and Strategic Supervision of Presidential administration office. 


HISTACO is active with the purposes and subjects below:

  • Designing and Installation of telecom systems including: PABX, SDH, Radio VHF/UHF/Marine, PDH, UPS, PA/GA, CCTV, Access Control, AISS, NDB, EMS, ...
  • Designing and Installation of telecom and electronic systems related to railway industries including: AFC, SCADA, Signaling, PIS, …
  • Designing and Installation of industrial automation systems
  • Designing and Installation of electrical video monitoring system using CCTV cameras
  • Designing and Installation of alarm systems (Microwave Sensors) using various technologies
  • Designing and Installation of access control systems, inspection and detection equipment like X-Ray and Gate-way

Applying new electronic security systems seems inevitable for the purpose of increasing the security and safety of important places through human resource reduction to lower human-generated natural errors and using new electronic monitoring equipment. This is one of the priorities HISTACO. Leaning on our specialist human resources we have accomplished important projects and developed proper capabilities for national and regional complicated projects with minimum time and expense. HISTACO has strong organization the explanation of which is not essential; therefore we introduce Systems Industry here;

Histaco Organizational Structure

  • Designing, Supervision, Training department supports the projects technically. 30 engineer (M.S. and B.S. degree).
  • Project Control Team, to monitor project procedure from the view of time, budget, expense and other contract issues.
  • Special teams for installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance, and training safety and security systems.
  • Special teams for project substructures like civil operation, LAN and optic cabling, electrical facilities, stand installation etc.
  • Research and development team to enhance industrial capabilities in applied systems and domestic production capacity development.
  • Industry headquarters to support projects and plans.
  • Training and after sales services to support all projects.

Contact us:

No. 75, Hayamanesh, Dabestan, Seyed Khandan, Tehran, I.R.Iran

Tel: +98 21 8846 3914

Fax: +98 21 8846 3912


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